WHAT IMMORTAL HAND is a weird, troubling and thoroughly entertaining road trip through dangerous back roads. Props to Johnny Worthen for bringing us along for the ride!” –Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of PATIENT ZERO and MARS ONE
— Jonathan Maberry NY Times Bestseller and 5-time Bram Stoker Award winner

Michael is called of God; just not that God.

What begins as a routine investigation of a hijacked truck turns into a desperate and personal quest for memories, faith, and meaning. The answers to these, for Michael Oswald, like the strangled cries of a thousand murdered travelers, is found in the dark heart of an ancient cult of killers.

 Literary and dark, What Immortal Hand is a road trip across American wastelands and into the depths of spiritual darkness, where the Dark Mother, Kali, has set up house in the New World, and her children, the Thuggee cult of ancient India, are alive and thriving.

Well researched and imagined, in the tradition of Dan Simmons’ Song of Kali, throbbing with symbolism and epic undertones, What Immortal Hand answer’s William’s Blake famous question from The Tyger: “What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry?” It is the Goddess Kali, consort of Shiva, Lord of Destruction. Through her worshipers, the Faithful Tigers—The Thugs of old, she culls the roads of travelers and prepares the fires of renewal.

Worthen shows himself a master of style and substance, creating dreams as evanescent as dew, nightmares as grim as death. What Immortal Hand is kaleidoscopic and macroscopic, visionary and visceral, stark and opulent in language and setting. Few writers would have the courage to flay a human soul so thoroughly, so openly, as Worthen does in limning Michael Oswald’s desperate flirtations with death and madness.
— Michael R. Collings, 2016 World Horror Convention Grand Master and multiple Bram Stoker Award® Finalist
One hell of a weird story! Surreal and spellbinding. Johnny Worthen’s _What Immortal Hand_ is the darkest tale I’ve read in a long time.
— Paul Dale Anderson, author of Claw Hammer, Sledgehammer and the Winds Cycle.

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